How Does Today’s New Work Environment Support DE&I?

Available for Interviews:  Leni Rivera

Leni Rivera is a Workplace Experience specialist and author of its very first book in the industry, Workplace Experience. Her passion is creating work environments that enable employees to be both productive and happy, regardless of where that is. 

What Leni Rivera can say in an interview about
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace:

This new remote work environment has opened up opportunities for companies to hire from anywhere, leading to a workforce that is more diverse today than ever before. Hence, it is more important today to create workplace experiences that are inclusive, equitable, and places in which every worker feels that they belong.

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Workplace Issues Surrounding ‘Dear White Staffers’ & Those Seeking to Unionize Capitol Hill

Available for Interviews: Dara Barlin

Dara Barlin is the Founder & CEO of the Center for Transforming Culture and the author of the new book, A New Kind of Power: Using Human-Centered Leadership to Drive Innovation, Equity, and Belonging in Government Institutions.

What Dara Barlin Can say in an interview on the
How to Bring About Positive Change in Government Workplace:

New Book Provides Roadmap for
How to Transform Culture in Government

Staffer efforts to expose the toxic culture in Congress are gaining steam, as President Biden endorses the movement to unionize aides on the Hill and the IG account ‘Dear White Staffers’ builds wide-scale support. Leaders of the efforts say they are pushing back against an environment where staffers feel unappreciated, don’t feel safe speaking their truth, and suffer through biased and abusive boss behaviors—all for disproportionately low salaries.

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