Coaching Is a Billion Dollar Industry: How to Avoid the Fake Guru’s

Coaching is a billion dollar industry. But, this is a bubble industry.  So how does one avoid the fake gurus?

Coaching has become a bad word because there are too many folks out there calling themselves coaches and offering to help you do something they have not been able to accomplish themselves. They read books and apply theory without having field tested it themselves, which breaks hearts and leaves a ton of disappointed clients.

  • When hiring a coach, you want to look for someone who isn’t there to sell you their package or their expertise or even their energy. When we work with our clients, they’re paying for one simple thing: an outcome. And getting there as fast as humanly possible.
  • Too many coaches design programs filled to breaking with “stuff” – 40 hours of video, 12 months of content, endless hours of “stuff that you have to sift through to figure out what actually applies to your business.
  • Alternatively they do 1-on-1 that are TOO custom—where there’s not enough structure or process and it feels rambling and doesn’t get you to where you want to get.
  • WE BUILT A WALL WITH OUR CLIENTS’ DREAMS—we’re serious about getting folks to their outcomes. So when someone enrolls with us, we actually have a series of questions we ask and then we put their answers up on a wall which we look at as we work every single day. It helps us coach them more powerfully and keep them on track to get what they REALLY want. No excuses, no distractions.
  • We also have a wall with the thank you notes our clients send us on a daily basis—thank you’s for the HUGE transformations we’ve helped create not just in their businesses, but in how they’re showing up in all aspects of their lives.
  • You want a coach who can demonstrate the success they’re getting—not just in their own business but with their clients. To prove that what they teach is transferable from them to you. Lots of folks are great at doing stuff, but not necessarily good at teaching it.
  • You want a coach who’s looking for success stories instead of clients. We don’t want clients. That implies taking your money and then leaving the responsibility of implementing entirely to you. We look for success stories, which really changes the deal—there’s a joint sense of accountability and a massive level of support.
  • You also want a coach who can demonstrate that they have not just strategy but also the mindset support you’ll need to get over your blocks to success. High achievers tend to bounce from course to course, coach to coach not because the systems don’t work, but because they have deeply buried beliefs that prevent them from fully owning their power or success.

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