Obesity Is Simply a Symptom of Unhealthy “Habit Loops”

Available for Interviews:  Tibor Deme

Tibor Deme is a Sports & Nutrition Specialist, Elite Personal Trainer, and Habit Transformation Expert. He is also the Founder of LifeBoostFit and accompanying application.

What Tibor Deme can say in an interview about
How to Take Control of Our Health Once and For All:

    • We are in the middle not only of a pandemic but of a massive health crisis concerning obesity and the countless underlying illnesses obesity creates. 
    • In the U.S., more than 74% of the population is overweight and about 45% are obese. 
    • In large part, this is due to an addiction to sugar—the result of eating processed foods. 

 What do we do? Where do we start? 

    • Small steps lead to staggering changes. Studies show that long-term weight loss isn’t possible without behavioral modification. We must develop new, healthier habits with consistency, patience, and time.
    • ‘Habit loops’ and automatic behavior: this contribute to obesity, underlying illnesses, and susceptibility to Covid-19.
    • Strengthening our immune system as much as possible by consuming large amounts of whole foods, including fruits and vegetables, is the key to overall health and wellness. 
    • Technology can help pave the way to success. Apps like LifeBoostFit can guides you, step by step, on a path towards a healthy lifestyle.
    • With tools, tips, and techniques, LifeBoostFit offers support and guidance on cornerstone areas of health: Nutrition, Fitness, and Behavioral Modification.

Obesity continues to be a problem globally. Many developed countries in Europe have seen this same increasingly growing health issue. The answer is simple: we eat too much processed food, and we have become addicted to sugar. We need to break the cycle of unhealthy eating habits.


Interview: Tibor Deme

Tibor Deme is a Sports & Nutrition Specialist, Habit Transformation Expert, and Certified Elite Personal Trainer, is the owner of LifeBoostFit. LifeFitBoost is a program that kickstarts your healthy lifestyle by combining hand-delivered, nutrient-rich meals OR DIY Nutritional Support, coupled with an in-home or in-office Personal Training and a HabitBoost™ Mind-Strengthening Series. He also provides in-home or office nutrition and fitness services for the Los Angeles, CA area.

With Tibor’s new LifeBoostFit app, newly launching in the App Store this month, he hopes to broaden awareness of the importance of nutrition in disease prevention and quality of life. His philosophy is, ‘obesity is not a shame, it’s a symptom of an unhealthy lifestyle.’ Tibor, who has helped so many on their personal journeys towards a healthy lifestyle, often says: “It is much easier to engage in healthy living at whatever stage of life we’re in than it is to try and  ‘get healthy’ when we fall ill.”

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