Tremendous Revenue Loss Due to COVID-19. Now What?

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Talking Points from Dwight Holcomb 
on Lost Revenue Due to COVID-19:

It is no mystery that many companies have lost most, if not all, of their revenue due to COVID-19.  However, if you act fast and pivot quickly, your company can leverage this situation to find new sources of revenue by serving people in this time of crisis.

Learn the top 3 secrets companies
have used to find new revenue
in the middle of the crisis

      1. Search for the new areas of need that have formed due to the crisis.
      2. Offer free services and solutions that satisfy these needs.
      3. Determine paid areas for supplemental or premium service that fees can be applied.

Free service will lead to paying customers

      • When prospective customers engage and allow you to provide free service, the door has been opened and many will become paying customers as a result.
      • Example: A hospital compliance software client pivoted to offering a free Learning Management System (LMS) user account to allow hospitals a free resource to provide their staff with the training needed to prepare for the crisis.
      • Hospitals who weren’t able buy their regular service were very happy to have the free resource and many will become paying customers after the crisis.

How to identify the greatest area of need to offer new solutions

      • The crisis has opened the door to unlimited opportunities for people to serve those in need.
      • Interviewing customers and prospects to find out what problems this crisis has created for them will uncover ways that we can serve them and solve this new problems.
      • Align these new pop-up problems with the current products and services we offer to address the issues, extending free solutions where possible.

I have a physical product . . .
how can I go virtual?

      • Can the physical item be sent via mail?
      • Will car delivery services pick-up and deliver your items?
      • Can you create a monthly subscription to get a daily, weekly, monthly gift box of your physical product?
      • Can you create a virtual membership of people who engage with your product to offer virtual alternatives?


Interview: Dwight Holcomb

Dwight W. Holcomb is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller The Lean CMO: How Small Marketing Budget Can Produce Big Results, is a Member of the Forbes Business Council and the host of the business television show, “SaaS CEO Success TV.” The show airs on the C-Suite TV Network which has global distribution in over 59 million households and more than 90 million views per month.

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