Addressing REAL Problems With Personnel in the Workplace

Available for Interviews: Roger Hall

Dr. Roger Hall has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is an Executive Coach to entrepreneurs and leaders, and is an in-demand public speaker throughout North America.


What Dr. Roger Hall can say in an interview about: 
Problems in Business:

  • When I consult in workplaces people almost always tell me “We have a communication problem.”
  • Very often they do NOT have a communication problem they have a problem.
  • I’ve distinguished the difference between 4 Kinds of Communication Problems and 5 Kinds of Real Problems. 

Communication Problems

      1. Unclear communication
      2.  Lack of communication
      3. Too Much communication
      4. Negative communication

Real Problems

      1. Personality
      2. Skill / Knowledge
      3. Priorities
      4. Morals / Ethics
      5. Organizational Structure

Solutions to Problems  

  1. In order to solve the problem, you first have to know which kind of problem you are solving.
  2. While good communication is the means by which you can address the problem, no amount of good communication will solve a real problem.  
  3. Real Problems require:

a) different patterns of thinking,

b) a changed mind, or

c) a changed organization

In an interview with Dr. Hall, examples of different types of conflict that are encountered in the workplace can be explored—and actionable tips can be offered to solve them.


Interview: Roger Hall

Roger Hall, PhD, a business psychologist, executive coach, national speaker and author of Staying Happy Being Productive: The Big 10 Things Successful People Do and Expedition. He trains entrepreneurs, professionals, and business leaders to monitor and manage their thinking for peak performance.

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