Addressing REAL Problems With Personnel in the Workplace

Available for Interviews: Roger Hall

Dr. Roger Hall has a doctorate in Counseling Psychology, is an Executive Coach to entrepreneurs and leaders, and is an in-demand public speaker throughout North America.


What Dr. Roger Hall can say in an interview about: 
Problems in Business:

  • When I consult in workplaces people almost always tell me “We have a communication problem.”
  • Very often they do NOT have a communication problem they have a problem.
  • I’ve distinguished the difference between 4 Kinds of Communication Problems and 5 Kinds of Real Problems. 

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Got Laid-Off? How to Put on Your Best Game Face and Rebound Like a Winner

Available for Interviews: Rob Cornilles.

For a quarter century Rob Cornilles has been known as the “sales coach for sports.” His firm, Game Face, Inc., pioneered executive training for professional and collegiate sports teams and has since advised more than 40,000 executives at more than 300 sports brands worldwide, forever changing how sports and entertainment properties connect with their fans.  


Talking Points from Rob Cornilles on How to Turn a
Setback  Into an Opportunity When Laid Off

“We have to let you go.” Six words that can make or break a career. So far, COVID-19 has left more than 26 million people or 23% of the workforce unemployed. So, what next? Treat your layoff like an athlete treats an injury. Heal, then make yourself stronger. Build up new skills—starting with how you’re going to market yourself to your next employer.

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