What Is Mindful Eating? 3 Steps to Developing Healthier Eating Habits

Available for Interviews: Dr. Alice Fong

Alice Fong, ND, is an integrative naturopathic doctor specializing in stress, integrative medicine, diet & weight loss, and is a business growth consultant for holistic healthcare providers.

What Dr. Alice Fong can say in an interview
on Mindful Eating

A lot of people have this idea that food is either good or bad so you have to restrict your intake to foods that are considered healthy. This has led to an explosion of so many diet programs such as Keto and intermittent fasting. However, there is something about diets that do not work for so many people. These diets often led to deprivation, frustration, and unnecessary stress.

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Expert Sources Available for Labor Day Week


Available for Topics on School Reopening, Work-School-Life Balance, Remote Learning
Nadine Levitt, an education advocate, speaker, author, and the CEO & Founder of WURRLYedu, an educational technology platform. Nadine specializes in the social-emotional curriculum, and is also the author of the successful children’s book series, My Mama Says.

Available for TOPICS on Higher Education: Solutions, e-Learning, Admissions
Mat Jacobson, founder & CEO of Ducere Global Business School and is a thought leader on innovation within education.

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