How to Be a Leader and Not Just a Boss

Interview: Dwight Holcomb.

Dwight Holcomb is a marketing guru who can explore the latest digital video marketing strategies that can excite your audience and help them to reach and surpass their business goals.

Talking Points from Dwight Holcomb
On How to Be an Effective Leader:

During a pandemic, companies need to have true leaders guide their teams.

How a Leaders (Bosses) Should Treat Employees

A leader must set the pace and show employees how to make an impact and how to achieve great results by setting the bar with their own actions. Whenever there are mistakes made by an employee, a leaders should first let the employee know that their job is secure, the world isn’t ending, and that everyone makes mistakes. Then they help them understand how to properly fix the mistake and make sure there is an acceptable solution and process in place to make sure the mistake is avoided in the future. Finally, a leader knows how to get buy-in to make sure that changes and improvements are not just understood, but embraced by the employees.  Otherwise, more errors can be expected.

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The Manager’s Role and How They Can Be Effective

Interview: Carol Barkes on The Manager’s Role and How They Can Be Effective.
Carol Barkes is a conflict resolution expert, mediator, national speaker, educator and bestselling author who uniquely applies neuroscience to the fields of conflict resolution and negotiations. Her expert perspective on communications in the workplace and home is always fresh and relevant.
Some Talking Points from Carol Barkes on 
The Manager’s Role:
  1. A manager will be most effective if they teach their employees to think about thinking. Instead of telling employees what to do, effective managers should walk their employees through the process of solving their own problems. By doing so, they gradually are not needed for decision making as much, thus empowering their employees and freeing up their own time for more productive endeavors.

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