5 Ways to Maintain Work/Life Balance in the New Year

Available for Interviews: Dr. Travis Parry

Travis Parry, PhD, is a speaker, coach, and educator and has a passion for helping others in achieve a healthy work/life balance. Parry is also the author of the #1 bestseller, Achieving Balance: Make Time to Reach Your Business and Personal Goals in an Overworked World. 


What Dr. Parry Can Say in an Interview on Work/Life Balance:

COVID has turned work/life balance on its head. Financial advisors have struggled with work/life balance before these challenging times—but now with working from home, hybrid work schedules, and working parents at home with kids learning online, it has been wildly exacerbated!

Most of us have learned to adapt to our “new normal” way of doing our jobs and managing our households. Since the first half of 2021 looks to go unchanged, we need to embrace the following survival tips to establish a healthier work/life balance.

5 Tips to Establishing a Healthier Work/Life Balance

 1.  Stress/Emotional Management. Understanding the psychological components of what we can/cannot control and how to deal with these factors will help professionals to be able to separate work from home even if those boundaries are blurred with COVID.

2.  Creating Physical Boundaries. Have a home office/place that is separate from other home responsibilities. 

3.  Dressing the Part. Have sound protocols, wardrobe that helps you look and play the part.

4.  Family Support. Inform family of your work/home boundaries and ask them to support and help you to achieve these goals. Working at home with 8 people can be daunting but their support is crucial.

5.  Set Work Hours. Regardless of where you are working from (home, work, outside at a park bench) set boundaries for yourself and work those hours. Creating these boundaries will help you to stay productive. 


Interview: Dr. Travis Parry

Travis Parry, received his masters in psychology and his doctorate in family and human development. He is a speaker, coach, educator, and author of Achieving Balance: Make Time to Reach Your Business and Personal Goals in an Overworked World. Originally started out as a financial advisor twenty years ago, Parry now coaches and speaks in the personal development space, whose primary mission is to help financial professionals and business owners to make healthy relationship and career changes that can positively affect their lives so that they can live with true purpose.

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