How to Be a Top Performer Without Compromising Your Mental Health

Available for Interviews:  Dr. Karen Doll

Karen Doll, PsyD, is a licensed psychologist, professional coach, and the author of the forthcoming book, Building Psychological Fitness: How High Performers Achieve With Ease.

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Succeeding in Business and Our Mental Health

    • Success and achievement do not need to come at the cost of your health. It is not a zero-sum game and more sacrifice doesn’t mean more success.
    • Similarly, success and being a top performer does not require over sacrificing.

    • In fact, if we take care of our physical health and our psychological health, we will thrive and flourish at work even more. 
    • The challenge is finding the sweet spot where we are challenged enough to keep us engaged and stimulated, without the cost of unnecessary distress.
    • Doing data collection and challenging our assumptions about expectations is key. We often make assumptions about what needs to be done or what we can’t say no to without checking it out.
    • It is common for high achievers to operate with perfectionist qualities and to make decisions based on fear rather than facts. Sometimes it is worth asking if the deadline is negotiable, or if our boss actually does expect us to answer emails at 10 pm or work on the weekends.
    • Once we gather the facts of what is actually required, we can make better decisions in how we prioritize and set boundaries.


Interview: Dr. Karen Doll

Karen Doll, PsyD, is a Licensed Psychologist, Consultant, and author of Building Psychological Fitness (forthcoming November, 2021). She has spent nearly 25 years partnering with industry-leading organizations and coaching high-achieving professionals; she is motivated by a desire to help people thrive, enhance well-being, and optimize leadership skills at every phase, from burgeoning new entrants to accomplished senior leaders. Throughout her career, she has remained committed to mental health awareness and advocacy.


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