There’s Never Been an Easier Time to Become an Author

Available for Interviews:  Trevor Crane,
Publisher, Epic Author Publishing

There’s Never Been an Easier Time to Become an Author!

Here’s what Trevor Crane can say on this topic:

  • Gone are the days you need “permission” from a group of people you’ve never met (aka: a traditional publisher) to tell your book is worthy.
  • While there are more authors than ever before, there are more publishers than ever before. . .
  • There are more options for independently publishing a book than ever before.
  • Good news! There are more opportunities to monetize your book. This is what I show people how to do.
  • Today, technology makes it easy for anyone to write and publish a book.
  • You’re not alone. The best (and smartest) authors on the planet use a TEAM of people to help them write and publish their books.
  • Virtually EVERY successful author you’ve ever heard of, DID NOT write their own book. (At least not alone.)
  • Behind EVERY successful book you’ve ever heard of, a TEAM of people who helped bring it to life. 


Jo Allison
Managing Editor
Director of Public Relations
Success In Media, Inc.

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