Psychological Fitness: Adapting to the Accelerating Work & Life Pace

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Karen Doll, PsyD, is a licensed psychologist, professional coach, and the author of the forthcoming book, Building Psychological Fitness: How High Performers Achieve With Ease.

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Adapting to the Accelerating Work & Life Pace

    • The state of the workplace now is described as VUCA-volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. 
    • We are living in an unstable time of rapid change, uncertainty, confusion, and the reality that much of it we can’t control.
    • This makes it challenging to plan, prepare, or anticipate the consequences of our actions; therefore, it generates fear. Humans do not like feeling as though they have control.

    • We are experiencing information overload, creating static and noise.
    • We have old ways of operating in a new world that is incomplete and insufficient. We are on our heels and we need to upgrade our operating systems.
    • A new acronym has been created (Jamais Cascio) to describe changes brought about by COVID-19: BANI. 

BANI stands for:

    1. B = Brittle  We are susceptible to catastrophe at any time.
    2. A = Anxious  Anxiety is one of the most present symptoms today.
    3. N = Nonlinear  Events seem disconnected and disproportionate, making long-term planning a challenge.
    4. I = Incomprehensible  Unprecedented times that aren’t making sense.
    • The answer: Enhancing our psychological fitness. Focusing on what we CAN control, what is in our sphere of influence, accepting what is, and letting go of resisting what we don’t like.


Interview: Dr. Karen Doll

Karen Doll, PsyD, is a Licensed Psychologist, Consultant, and author of Building Psychological Fitness (forthcoming November, 2021). She has spent nearly 25 years partnering with industry-leading organizations and coaching high-achieving professionals; she is motivated by a desire to help people thrive, enhance well-being, and optimize leadership skills at every phase, from burgeoning new entrants to accomplished senior leaders. Throughout her career, she has remained committed to mental health awareness and advocacy.


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