Headaches / Migraines: Your Chiropractor Just Might Have the Solution

A Solution Better Than Tylenol?

In the U.S., more than 37 million people suffer from migraines. Some migraine studies estimate that 13 percent of adults in the U.S. population have migraines, and 2-3 million migraine suffers are chronic.

What One of Our Medical Experts Can Say in an Interview:

  • Headaches and Migraines can be debilitating—people lose work,
    lose time in their lives.
  • Right now it’s symptom relief, but we need to find the cause.
  • Taking a pill is just a band-aid, it is masking the symptoms.

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Hidden Danger: Kids & Backpacks

Interview on of our Media Doctors on This Topic

Here are a few things that one of our health experts would say in an interview about your kids and their backpacks: 

  • The American Academy of Pediatrics says the average weight of a 6th graders backpack is 18.4 pounds.

  • A backpack should only be 10% of a child’s body weight.

  • Your Kids’ backpacks are not only hurting them, it could be causing asthma! When the neck is stressed forward, those nerves are attached to the lungs.  There is a connection here. Continue reading “Hidden Danger: Kids & Backpacks”

The Opioid Crisis and a Unique Approach: Chiropractic

There Are More Than 50 Legislative Bills Out There to Help Deal With the Opioid Crisis. . . .

Why Many Are Turning to Chiropractors for Relief

Facts about opioids and the relief of chronic pain:

  • People take opioids usually to deal with intense, acute, and chronic pain.

  • They used to say that opioids were not addictive, but we now know that they are highly addictive and some people build toxicity in their bodies and unfortunately die from this treatment. 
  • Chiropractic has become a saving grace for helping people better deal with pain and avoid the dangers of addictive drugs. 
  • Your neighborhood chiropractor would create an individual plan for each patient. This includes lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, as well as both chiropractic adjustments and analysis to uncover the cause for many of these problems. 

    Available for Interviews:
    One of our Media Ambassadors

    Jo Allison
    PR Managing Editor
    Success In Media, Inc.

Got Arthritis? Your Job Might Be the Problem

A Chiropractor Explains Some Common Occupations, Hazards, and What You Can Do to Combat the Symptoms of Arthritis

What One of Our Media Ambassadors Can Say in an Interview:

Occupations affected by arthritis: jobs that require one to sit at one’s desk all day, computer fields, teachers, bartenders, hairdressers, bartenders, plumbers or people who work with their hands or because of the positions they are in, landscapers, police officers and first responders (because of the equipment they carry)—all put the people in these professions at risk for arthritis.

What Can people Do to Alleviate
Work-related Arthritis symptoms
  1. Make ergonomic changes to your work space. Adjust height of desk, chair, monitor, etc.
  2. Become aware of repetitive motion and positioning that can exacerbate the condition.
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Heal Your Child’s Food Sensitivities

A Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in prenatal and pediatric care explains how food sensitivities are not the underlying problem . . . and how they can be healed.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Auerbach has attended many nutriceutical conferences to learn about the different supplements on the market and how they can be used in therapeutic programs.  She is very knowledgeable about products from professional nutriceutical companies, local Health Food Stores, and products from network distribution companies.

Interview:  Andrea Auerback

Dr. Andrea Auerback, DC, CACCP, Webster-Certified chiropractor in the NY Metropolitan area. She specializes in prenatal and pediatric care and holds an advanced certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Talking points for an interview on children’s food sensitivities:

The Problem

an increasing number of kids have food allergies (1:13 at last count!), and even more have food sensitivities and/or intolerances.

Food sensitivities contribute to other chronic health conditions in kids (e.g., asthma, autoimmunity, ADHD).

The Solutions

Food sensitivities can be healed. It’s important to know the difference between a food sensitivity and a food allergy.

We need to understand the causes of food sensitivities (e.g., early life experiences, breastfeeding, diet, medications, toxins in the environment, etc.) to treat the issue.

Know the critical role of gut health in food sensitivities

Learn how food sensitivities are a symptom of an underlying problem: Leaky Gut (which can be healed!)

Enabling parents to heal food sensitivities at home . . . and why elimination diets are not enough!

Get success tips for healing Leaky Gut. These include: probiotics, gluten-free/dairy-free diet, removal of processed foods, colostrum powder and other supplementation easily available.

Why This topic is so important

This topic is Timely!  Food sensitivities underlie many unresolved and chronic health conditions in children. Parents are seeking solutions. AP writer Carla Johnson recently released a story on medications and allergies that has gone viral on social media. Parents want solutions!

Available for Interviews: Dr. Andrea Auerbach

Dr. Andrea Auerback’s healing hands, warm heart and deep concern for her patients make her the leading sought-after chiropractor in New York’s metropolitan area where she has been practicing for over thirteen years.

Jo Allison
PR Managing Editor
Success In Media, Inc.