Top 10 Tips for Relaxing After a Long Workday

Interview Dr. Mimi Secor and she can discuss and expand on the following Top 10 tips for relaxation:

  1. Avoid caffeine during your work shift, especially near the end of the shift.
  2. Exercise earlier in the day. Regular exercise can promote sleep, however working out too close to bedtime can make it challenging to unwind and fall asleep.
  3. Eat a high-protein, easy-to-digest snack, like egg whites with cinnamon or a protein smoothie.
  4. Take a warm bath with scented candles and soft music.
  5. Listen to relaxing music—put those music subscription services to work!
  6. Meditate or listen to meditation programs to clear your mind.
  7. If possible, give and/or receive massages to someone in your household.
  8. Minimize exposure to bright light from any device one hour before desired bedtime (including laptops, tablets, and cell phones).
  9. Try aromatherapy. Lavender is particularly known for relaxing and can promote drowsiness and sleep.
  10. Not just for kids!—listen to a bedtime story.😴


Available for Interviews: Dr. Mimi Secor

Dr. Mimi Secor
is a popular National Speaker and Consultant, educating advanced practice clinicians and consumers around the country and the world. She is the author of the book, Debut a New You: Transforming Your Life at Any Age.

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