Marketing Tips & Tricks: How to Profit Big in the Digital World

This story idea is focused on digital marketing tips but Geeta Nadkarni can talk about other issues relating to the gig economy, making money online, and becoming a paid expert. She is the founder of of: and

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The Secret Life of Your Teeth (Teeth Trauma and What You are Doing to Them at Night)

Dr. Mandy Kouroshnia has encountered many anxious patients and realized how this alone can prevent so many from receiving the dental care they so much need. Continue reading “The Secret Life of Your Teeth (Teeth Trauma and What You are Doing to Them at Night)”

Using Curiosity at Work to Create Powerful Leaders:

Ways to Get That Next Big Promotion

Dr. Diane Hamilton, author of “It’s Not You… It’s Your Personality: Skills to Survive and Thrive in the Modern Workplace” and “How to Reinvent Your Career: Make More Money Doing What You Love.” Continue reading “Using Curiosity at Work to Create Powerful Leaders:”

Difficult Conversations: At Work and At Home

How to talk about difficult topics in an increasingly volatile environment.

Carol Barkes is a trend-setting mediator, business executive and educator specializing in the use of neuroscience to improve business performance, interpersonal communications, negotiation and conflict resolution processes for optimally successful results.
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The Opioid Crisis and a Unique Approach: Chiropractic

There Are More Than 50 Legislative Bills Out There to Help Deal With the Opioid Crisis. . . .

Why Many Are Turning to Chiropractors for Relief

Facts about opioids and the relief of chronic pain:

  • People take opioids usually to deal with intense, acute, and chronic pain.

  • They used to say that opioids were not addictive, but we now know that they are highly addictive and some people build toxicity in their bodies and unfortunately die from this treatment. 
  • Chiropractic has become a saving grace for helping people better deal with pain and avoid the dangers of addictive drugs. 
  • Your neighborhood chiropractor would create an individual plan for each patient. This includes lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, as well as both chiropractic adjustments and analysis to uncover the cause for many of these problems. 

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    Jo Allison
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Dating Etiquette in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

When you are dating your coworker, keep business trips, PDA appropriateness, and superior/subordinate issues in mind.

Diane HamiltonProfessor, Author, and Business Leadership Expert weighs in on this important topic.

Follow these tips and avoid the common pitfalls associated with office romances:

  • Don’t Make People Feel Uncomfortable. I have taught more than 1000 business courses, and many are HR-based.  Workplace romance is more common than most people think.  It might surprise you to know that many workplace romances include top-level people.  Recent research published by SHRM showed that nearly 40% were owners and executives. What is interesting is that 1 in 5 workers responded that they have observed relationships at work that they consider inappropriate.

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Got Arthritis? Your Job Might Be the Problem

A Chiropractor Explains Some Common Occupations, Hazards, and What You Can Do to Combat the Symptoms of Arthritis

What One of Our Media Ambassadors Can Say in an Interview:

Occupations affected by arthritis: jobs that require one to sit at one’s desk all day, computer fields, teachers, bartenders, hairdressers, bartenders, plumbers or people who work with their hands or because of the positions they are in, landscapers, police officers and first responders (because of the equipment they carry)—all put the people in these professions at risk for arthritis.

What Can people Do to Alleviate
Work-related Arthritis symptoms
  1. Make ergonomic changes to your work space. Adjust height of desk, chair, monitor, etc.
  2. Become aware of repetitive motion and positioning that can exacerbate the condition.
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Make Money Doing What You Love: 5 Steps To Career Reinvention

If you have lost your job or are in a career that you dislike, there is hope. In the book How to Reinvent Your Career: Make Money Doing What You Love, you’ll find out how to rediscover yourself and manifest the career of your dreams.

Dr. Diane Hamilton, can say:
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