Is the Government Doing Enough to Protect Airline Passengers?

Available for Interviews:  Christopher Elliott

Christopher Elliott is an author, advocate, and journalist. He writes six weekly columns about customer service, with a special emphasis on travel and technology. His work reaches more than 10 million readers a week. You
have likely read his work in USA Today or Forbes.

What Travel Expert and Consumer Advocate, Christopher Elliot,
could say about the Government Role in Airline Travel Safety

“Passengers have only a vague idea of what the government is doing to help them.”  –Chris Elliott

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Niche Marketing for Health Professionals in the New Year

Interview:  Jason Deitch.

Jason Deitch, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, author, and speaker. He speaks on health & wellness trends and role of chiropractic care in family wellness. He is also the best-selling author of Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich.


Talking Points From Dr. Jason Deitch on
an interview on Niche Marketing
  • A comprehensive communication strategy using social media, email, in-office video and internal, external and digital workshops can address niche topics that local people are seeking solutions for. Today’s niche areas can include more than traditional non-pharmacological, natural solutions to helping people heal from pain.

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COVID-Themed Commercials—Is This a Good or Bad Strategy

Interview: Dwight Holcomb.

Dwight Holcomb is a marketing guru who can explore the latest digital video marketing strategies that can excite your audience and help them to reach and surpass their business goals.

Talking Points from Dwight Holcomb Surrounding the
Business Tactic of Tying Their Messages COVID-19

How is Your Business Getting Hurt By Announcing Coronavirus Strategies?

    1. Making COVID commercials has become a strategy by virtually every company with commercials on TV and the internet.
      • Understand why companies do this
      • Know why you should NOT do this

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Risks Small Business Owners Don’t Even Know They Have

Interview Geeta Nadkarni

Geeta Nadkarni is an expert in the field of publicity, marketing, and helping small business owners to grow their businesses and here are a few things she would say in an interview:

Amplifying Business Income and Having Impact

How a Business Can Amplify Its Income and Have an Impact

What Geeta Nadkarni, successful business coach and founder of Impact with Influence can say on the topic:

“I help subject matter experts, coaches, consultants and service providers design high ticket programs and learn how to attract, close and satisfy their ideal clients in a way that they have never experienced before. We do this by working with you both on a conscious strategic level as well as on a subconscious mindset level because we know that we can give you the best, most distilled strategy in the world. But if you’ve got limiting beliefs holding you back from taking action, they won’t work.”

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