Surviving School Lunches – 5 Key Strategies for Families

It’s back-to-school time again, and that means kids will be eating whatever schools serve up.  Sometimes there aren’t the healthiest choices there. How can kids survive?  …

What one of our health/medical media ambassadors can say:

The problem is … lunch is an important part of the day for children. They need to keep their attention and participation during the day.  Unfortunately school lunches are neither healthy or balanced.

-School lunches are contributing to obesity and chronic illness.

5 Key Strategies:

-1) Make healthy food become FUN FOOD… sandwiches in creative shapes. Play with colors.

-2) Focus on foods that have BRAIN POWER, so they can ACE their tests (Sources of protein: Hard boiled eggs, chicken, fish, turkey, bananas, guacamole, adding coconut oil … avoiding artificial dyes. Avoiding processed sugars.) (Use peanut free peanut butter.)

-3) Involve the kids in the buying and meal preparation … so they have ownership over the meal

-4) For sandwiches and heros, we can make them healthy:  Use gluten free bread, add veggies, sometimes skip the bread (use lettuce as the bread.) Use avocado as a spread instead of mayo. Make wraps!

-5) Know what to avoid: Processed foods, sugar, and sugar free options like aspartame, soda,

Non-organic produce and GMOs would be great to avoid if possible. Flavored waters have just as much sugar. So… you can pack from home (because it is healthier/helps build life skills.)



-Schools that receive federal funding have to provide some “mandatory foods.” Not all are great for families that want healthier options.

-Having a decent breakfast with plenty of protein will help kids to NOT be starving at lunchtime.  


Jo Allison
Success In Media, Inc.


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