Getting Rid of Debt May Actually Make Your Brain Work Better

Interview:  Michael Taggart

Talking Points:

  • Researchers at the National University of Singapore’s Social Service Research Centre studied 200 low-income people who unexpectedly had portions of their debt paid down by a charity.


20k in Credit Card Debt? 4 Steps to Overcome

If you’re like me, then being over $20k in credit card debt can become strangling. My minimum payments were $896 and I knew something needed to change.

Take charge of the situation by following the 4-step C.A.R.E. method: 


1. Choose. The first step is to choose a deep, emotional reason for why you want to get out of debt.


2. Assess. You can’tt defeat a monster you can’t see. You need to get your exact debt picture in black and white in front of you—down to the last dollar.

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Distress Associated With Credit Card Debt

Interview:  Michael Taggart

People would rather talk about how much they weigh than reveal how much credit card debt they owe. Here are some talking points from Michael Taggart on the subject of emotional stress Americans have with credit card debt.


  • A recent survey by found that 47% of Americans felt uncomfortable discussing their credit card debt with anyone and only 19% who were uncomfortable talking about their weight. 
  • Struggling with debt brings up a host of negative emotions like guilt, shame and embarrassment, so many people hide the problem. Continue reading “Distress Associated With Credit Card Debt”