Uvalde: A Cultural Tipping Point

Available for Interviews: Dr. Hope Umansky

Dr. Hope Umansky is an American Culture College Professor with a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She is also an author on educational reform, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

What Dr. Hope can say in an interview on
Uvalde, an educator and mother’s point of view:

“. . . I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart. What is done cannot be undone, but one can prevent it from happening again.” –Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank, 1947)

    • Seeing the truth of the Uvalde failure of grown officers to save kids with over an hour to do so—as an educator, and a mother, I cannot help but think of this quote of Anne Franks.
    • At the Uvalde board meeting last night, the parents who will be grieving for the rest of their lives, whose hearts are forever shattered said to the board and the politicians, the same question Anne Frank asks: When will enough be enough?

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Emotions During Unsettling Times

Available for Interviews:  Nadine Levitt

Nadine Levitt is an education advocate, speaker, and the CEO & Founder of WURRLYedu, an educational technology platform. Nadine specializes in the social-emotional curriculum (SEL), and she is also the author of the children’s book, My Mama Says Inside Me Lives a Village. 

What Nadine Levitt can say about Kids & Emotions:

  • Talk through emotions. It is crucial that we talk through emotions with our children. Depending on what kids know and are feeling about the pandemic, Ukraine, other current events, personal events at home, etc., these days more kids could be experiencing big feelings like anxiety, stress, depression, feelings of isolation, and they are often not well equipped to process those emotions!

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3 Self-Care Tips When It Comes to the Daily News

Available for Interviews: Dr. Pete Loper

Dr. Pete Loper, MD, MSEd, FAAP, is a triple board-certified physician in pediatrics, psychiatry, and child psychiatry. He is also a professor and executive coach and is dedicated to mental health and wellness advocacy.

What Dr. Loper could say on
Healthier Ways to Stay Informed:

Self-care is more important than ever, especially with all the distractions that divert our attention from behaviors and practices that support our wellbeing. One potential distractor is the news. While it is important to stay informed of current events, watching the news excessively can result in feelings of helplessness, loss of control, and anxiety. If the news is impacting your mental health, it’s okay to turn it off. 

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Expert Sources Available

These Expert Sources Are Are Available
During the Holidays . . .


Available for TOPICS on Cyber Security, Data Protection,
National Security Threats
Paul Tracey, Founder & CEO of a Managed Security Service Provider firm, Innovative Technologies, and is a national speaker, cyber security educator, small business advocate, and author of Delete The Hacker Playbook.

Available for TOPICS on Workplace, Business Productivity, Remote Work
Leni Rivera, corporate leader, workplace experience specialist, is passionate about enabling, supporting, and engaging employees to thrive in physical environments that are conducive to both productivity and happiness, and author of Workplace Experience.

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