Female Power: Moving Companies are Not Always Brawny College Guys

Available for Interview: Kate DeWald, CEO, OnCue.

Ms. DeWald leads Oncue,  a moving industry company whose leadership team is majority female. In 2019 movers generated over $12M in revenue and performed 18,481 jobs with Oncue.

Female Power: Moving Companies Are Not Always Brawny College Guys

The unparalleled mass exodus from big cities, spurred on by COVID, has transformed working life. While this transition was catalyzed by shelter-in-place restrictions, people are reimagining lifestyle and priorities in ways that will have a permanent impact on businesses and communities. This is creating a huge opportunity for the moving industry. Similar to the other industries thriving in 2020, like food delivery, telemedicine, and ed tech, the $14 billion moving industry is growing at an inconceivable rate, with no end in sight.

What Kate DeWald could say in an interview on the Moving Industry:

  • Oncue is investing in female leaders using technology to solve the world’s biggest problems. Their investment firm led the recent investment round in Oncue, because they believe that the next generation of extraordinary companies will find success through their relentless pursuit of mission, for the benefit of all communities.
  • Customers in 2020 expect a simple and straightforward moving experience, with quotes available online or over the phone, and all move paperwork handled digitally. To meet these expectations, new and existing moving companies are partnering with Oncue to provide a seamless customer experience throughout the entire process.
  • “Moving is an essential service and movers are vital to our economy,” said Kate DeWald, Oncue’s CEO and co-founder. “As demand for moving services continues to rise, we’re there to partner with new movers and help them ensure that every move is safe, seamless and stress-free.”

“The moving industry is enormous,” said Kate DeWald, Oncue’s CEO and co-founder, “employing  122 thousand  people to help the 35 million  Americans who were moving each year, even before COVID. Yet, little technology innovation has been devoted to the moving industry over the last decade and now moving company owners are ill-equipped to meet the skyrocketing opportunity in front of them.”

Oncue provides a tech-enabled, end-to-end solution for all moving companies, whether they are starting or scaling, to efficiently provide the customer service experience that modern consumers expect.

Jo Allison
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