Got Arthritis? Your Job Might Be the Problem

A Chiropractor Explains Some Common Occupations, Hazards, and What You Can Do to Combat the Symptoms of Arthritis

What One of Our Media Ambassadors Can Say in an Interview:

Occupations affected by arthritis: jobs that require one to sit at one’s desk all day, computer fields, teachers, bartenders, hairdressers, bartenders, plumbers or people who work with their hands or because of the positions they are in, landscapers, police officers and first responders (because of the equipment they carry)—all put the people in these professions at risk for arthritis.

What Can people Do to Alleviate
Work-related Arthritis symptoms
  1. Make ergonomic changes to your work space. Adjust height of desk, chair, monitor, etc.
  2. Become aware of repetitive motion and positioning that can exacerbate the condition.
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Dr. Diane Hamilton, can say:
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