A Call to Action. Obesity: Lessons Learned During the Pandemic and Other Alarming Issues

Available for Interviews: Dr. Tammy Penhollow

Dr. Tammy Penhollow is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, specializing in anesthesiology, pain management, and regenerative medicine. Having over 20 years of experience has helped her to cultivate a passion for regenerative medicine and holistic healing. Dr. Penhollow practices at Precision Regenerative Medicine in the greater Phoenix area.


What Dr. Tammy Penhollow can say in an interview on
Obesity and Other Alarming Health Issues

    • 40% of Americans are struggling with obesity.
    • Obesity is emerging as one of the major risk factors for COVID-19 severity, particularly in young patients. It’s not so surprising to this Anesthesiologist, who assesses risk for anesthesia in an average of 30-40 patients a day. Obesity is a foundational condition that very quickly increases risk and prevalence of many other medical conditions and almost exponentially increases morbidity and mortality.

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What to Do If You Lose Your Health Insurance

Available for Interviews: Dr. Reagan B. Anderson

Dr. Anderson is the author of Universal Death Care: A Solution for Healthcare in the Age of Entitlement. Dr. Anderson was a combat doctor in Iraq, and has since run a successful medical clinic in the U.S. He wrote this book because he is tired of profit-driven policies that don’t support American’s health. For this reason, Anderson has dedicated his life to changing healthcare in America.


What Dr. Anderson Can Say in
an Interview on Health Insurance

    1. See if you can buy a Marketplace plan. Go to http://www.healthcare.gov to see if you qualify. Since FEMA declared COVID a national emergency, the typical enrollment period has been extended. Usually, it is from November 1 – December 15 of the preceding year.
    2. See if you can buy COBRA insurance.

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