The Dow/S&P Dropped. Should I Buy the Dip or Stay Away?

Available for Interviews: Chris Janeway

Chris Janeway is Founder & CEO Fourth Point Wealth and coaches investors throughout southern CA.  He is also a national speaker, financial coach, and advocate for financial literacy.

What Chris Janeway can say in an interview about
Investment Advice Today:

    • Inflation worries, interest rates, debt ceiling concerns, international unrest & renewed COVID-19 worries are among the many factors driving markets lower.
    • What should investors be doing right now?  Are markets still primed to push higher after this dip or is this the beginning of a larger correction ahead?

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Expert Sources Available for Labor Day Week


Available for Topics on School Reopening, Work-School-Life Balance, Remote Learning
Nadine Levitt, an education advocate, speaker, author, and the CEO & Founder of WURRLYedu, an educational technology platform. Nadine specializes in the social-emotional curriculum, and is also the author of the successful children’s book series, My Mama Says.

Available for TOPICS on Higher Education: Solutions, e-Learning, Admissions
Mat Jacobson, founder & CEO of Ducere Global Business School and is a thought leader on innovation within education.

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