3 Ways to Legally Protect Your Child During Divorce

Available for Interviews: Teddy Ann Barry

Teddy Ann Barry, Esq. is a family attorney and writer and has been serving families through divorce and custody and has been practicing family law for over twenty years, and also comes with a wealth of experience in mediation and collaborative law.

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Protecting Your Children During Divorce

So often we’re asked when does my child get to talk to the Judge? The Family Court will rarely question your child about what he wants to have happen or where she wants to live.

If parents cannot agree on a parenting plan or strongly disagree with what is in their child’s best interests, here are some ways to legally protect your child:

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5 Strategies to Help Our Sleep-Deprived Adolescents Get More Zzzs

Available for Interviews: Dr. Pete Loper

Dr. Pete Loper, MD, MSEd, FAAP, is a triple board-certified physician in pediatrics, psychiatry, and child psychiatry. He is also a professor and executive coach and is dedicated to mental health and wellness advocacy.

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Adolescents and Sleep

Between changing hormones, changing bodies, and navigating the pitfalls of burgeoning independence, adolescence is a very challenging time. Throw in socially prescribed perfectionism and the uncertainty of an ongoing pandemic, being a teenager is more challenging than ever. Resilience, or our teenagers’ capacity to process their distress, move forward, and develop, is contingent upon meaningful interpersonal interactions embedded in the context of a community. This is where getting enough quality sleep comes in.

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Meta-Farce? How Facebook Brings Both Innovation and Angst

Available for Interviews: Dr. Hope Umansky

Dr. Hope Umansky is an American Culture College Professor with a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Hope worked forensically in a clinical setting for 3 years treating court-ordered batterers, their victims (few were survivors), and a sexual assault response team, as well as founded the first stalking victims support group in San Diego in 1998. She also worked forensically on a psychiatric emergency team (PET) in San Diego’s most dangerous urban hospital and San Diego’s largest trauma center working with many people on parole, probation, and severe psychiatric illness. 

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The Metaverse:

    • The Metaverse is Facebook’s new and ambitious plan to “extend reality”—the combination of augmented and virtual reality and to integrate this into our everyday personal and professional lives.
    • Rather than addressing the major issues that the internal docs showed and NOT DOING ENOUGH to stop sex and human trafficking, divisive and fallacious rhetoric, purposefully introducing teens to violent and self-destructive content with AI, as well as threatening democracies around the world by inciting violence and facilitating communications that create genocide and humanitarian crises.

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