Universal Death Care: Solutions for a Broken Healthcare System in America (Book)

Available for Interviews: Dr. Reagan B. Anderson

Reagan Anderson, DO, is the author of Universal Death Care: A Solution for Healthcare in the Age of Entitlement. Dr. Anderson was a combat doctor in Iraq, and has since run a successful medical clinic in the U.S. He wrote this book because he is tired of profit-driven policies that don’t support American’s health. For this reason, Anderson is passionate about changing healthcare in America.

What Dr. Anderson Can Say in an Interview on
the Healthcare System

  • Healthcare is finally being talked about during this political cycle.
  • Dr. Reagan Anderson has a unique take. He was a Marine Corps doctor in Iraq. He’s currently a civilian surgeon in Colorado.
  • He feels any of the options (from both sides) are flawed. In his new book, Universal Death Care, he outlines how the system is more about making money off sickness and not focusing on helping America before we get sick. (He can also talk about solutions both candidates need to take into account.)

Watch this 20-second YouTube video with Dr. Anderson:

Healthcare or Death care?

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5 Simple Ways to Protect & Strengthen Your Immune System This Fall

Available for Interviews: Dr. Tammy Penhollow

Dr. Tammy Penhollow is a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, specializing in anesthesiology, pain management, and regenerative medicine. Having over 20 years of experience has helped her to cultivate a passion for regenerative medicine and holistic healing. Dr. Penhollow practices at Precision Regenerative Medicine in the greater Phoenix area.

What Dr. Tammy Penhollow can say in an interview:

With COVID-19 still at the forefront of people’s minds, and as we try to resume a life outside the home, one of the concerns many people still have is how do I protect myself from becoming ill? Some simple health and dietary changes well within the power of most people may affect big changes in the immune system.

5 Ways You Can Protect and Strengthen Your Immune System:
      1. Eat protein. As the building blocks of muscles, proteins also affect the immune system. Diets low in protein compromises the body’s ability to fight infection. Aside from meat/fish/poultry, protein is found in nuts, seeds, lentils, tofu, chia seeds, quinoa, cheese, and eggs.

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Microorganisms, Friend or Foe? How to Control Overall Wellbeing

Interview: Dr. Michael Evangel

Dr. Michael S. Evangel, Chiropractic Physician, is the owner of the Chiropractic Wellness Center in Paramus, NJ. For over 30 years, his mission is to provide state of the art, high-quality care to people of all ages. 


What Dr. Micheal Evangel Can Say in an Interview
on Gut Health

  • The Human Genome Project (HGP) has reported that genetic makeup is only responsible for about 10% of disease. 90% is determined by factors that we have some control over, such as our diet, daily habits and the toxins that we are exposed to. 
  • bout 100 trillion bacteria and a quadrillion viruses live in the colonies of microorganisms called microbiomes that are in us and on us. 
  • We start developing these microbiomes as we pass through the birth canal and continue building them throughout our entire lives. 

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What to Eat When Flying This Holiday Season

Interview: Dr. Mimi Secor.

Dr. Mimi Secor is Nurse Practitioner from the Boston area. She has been specializing in Women’s Health for over 40 years now, is a national speaker and consultant, and is an international bestselling author of Debut a New You: Transforming Your Life At Any Age.

It’s the busiest, hustle-bustle time of the year and millions of people are traveling here and there and everywhere! Interview Dr. Mimi Secor, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, to discuss the kinds of foods and drink to have while traveling to see family and friends this holiday season.


  1. Drink lots of water. Water Prevents bloating, headache, fatigue. Also, AVOID caffeine and alcohol because both can cause headaches, fatigue, irritability, and contribute to jet lag, and poor sleep. If I’m craving alcohol or a soda, I order club soda with lemon or lime.
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Telehealth + How Chiropractors Play an Essential Role Today

Interview:  Jason Deitch.

Jason Deitch, is a Doctor of Chiropractic, author, and speaker. He speaks on health & wellness trends and role of chiropractic care in family wellness. He is also the best-selling author of Discover Wellness: How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich.


Talking Points From Dr. Jason Deitch on On
Telehealth + How Chiropractors Play an Essential Role Today

Chiropractors now play an essential role for people who can’t access the traditional health care system . . .

How can a chiropractor
help you during these Pandemic times

  • Our nations entire health care system is being reinvented in real time right in front of our eyes.
  • Most hospitals are not accepting patients for musculoskeletal pain and all elective surgeries have been cancelled.

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Heal Your Child’s Food Sensitivities

A Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in prenatal and pediatric care explains how food sensitivities are not the underlying problem . . . and how they can be healed.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Auerbach has attended many nutriceutical conferences to learn about the different supplements on the market and how they can be used in therapeutic programs.  She is very knowledgeable about products from professional nutriceutical companies, local Health Food Stores, and products from network distribution companies.

Interview:  Andrea Auerback

Dr. Andrea Auerback, DC, CACCP, Webster-Certified chiropractor in the NY Metropolitan area. She specializes in prenatal and pediatric care and holds an advanced certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

Talking points for an interview on children’s food sensitivities:

The Problem

an increasing number of kids have food allergies (1:13 at last count!), and even more have food sensitivities and/or intolerances.

Food sensitivities contribute to other chronic health conditions in kids (e.g., asthma, autoimmunity, ADHD).

The Solutions

Food sensitivities can be healed. It’s important to know the difference between a food sensitivity and a food allergy.

We need to understand the causes of food sensitivities (e.g., early life experiences, breastfeeding, diet, medications, toxins in the environment, etc.) to treat the issue.

Know the critical role of gut health in food sensitivities

Learn how food sensitivities are a symptom of an underlying problem: Leaky Gut (which can be healed!)

Enabling parents to heal food sensitivities at home . . . and why elimination diets are not enough!

Get success tips for healing Leaky Gut. These include: probiotics, gluten-free/dairy-free diet, removal of processed foods, colostrum powder and other supplementation easily available.

Why This topic is so important

This topic is Timely!  Food sensitivities underlie many unresolved and chronic health conditions in children. Parents are seeking solutions. AP writer Carla Johnson recently released a story on medications and allergies that has gone viral on social media. Parents want solutions!

Available for Interviews: Dr. Andrea Auerbach

Dr. Andrea Auerback’s healing hands, warm heart and deep concern for her patients make her the leading sought-after chiropractor in New York’s metropolitan area where she has been practicing for over thirteen years.

Jo Allison
PR Managing Editor
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