How Recharging Our Teachers Can Supercharge Our Students

Available for Interviews:  Nadine Levitt

Nadine Levitt is an education advocate, speaker, and the CEO & Founder of WURRLYedu, an educational technology platform. Nadine specializes in the social-emotional curriculum (SEL), and she is also the author of the children’s book, My Mama Says Inside Me Lives a Village. New for 2022, Levitt has launched a new professional development resource for teachers called PD Reimagined.

What Nadine Levitt can say in an interview about
A New Professional Development Resource

    • Teachers are starting 2022 exhausted and feeling overwhelmed. The added pressures that Covid brings only exacerbates the reality that most teachers are stressed, feel unsupported, and under-appreciated (2021 State of the U.S. Teacher Survey published by RAND)
    • If the goal of schools is to inspire kids to be lifelong learners then we have to start by inspiring teachers!

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How to Solve the Labor Shortage Problem

Available for Interviews: Dara Barlin

Dara Barlin is the Founder & CEO of the Center for Transforming Culture and the author of the new book, A New Kind of Power: Using Human-Centered Leadership to Drive Innovation, Equity, and Belonging in Government Institutions.

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How to Solve the Labor Shortage Problem:

Approximately 4.3 million jobs are going unfilled in the U.S. and the labor shortage is wreaking havoc on supply chains and crippling some industries. Researchers have been scratching their heads trying to come up with the root causes, yet there is one factor that has been largely ignored while being the most consistent determinant of people quitting—terrible workplace culture. Reports show 79% of employees that leave their jobs do so because they didn’t feel appreciated, while another study reveals 58% of people trust strangers more than their own boss. The factors of the pandemic have simply been exacerbating a trend already in place: people tend to leave their job when they are fed up with the level of disrespect they receive at work.

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7 Steps to Starting Your Own Business

Available for Interviews: Geeta Nadkarni

Geeta Nadkarni is the founder of BabyGotBooked and ImpactWithInfluence and author of the new book, How to Live Your Vision: Manifest Your Dream Reality in Less Than 15 Minutes a Day. Here, readers can discover practices and nuggets of truth that have the power to transform the way they desire, dream, and receive.

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How to Start Your Own Business:

Among many things, the pandemic has taught us how to take more control over our health, our relationships, and our livelihood. If we’re not happy in our current job, we have the power to change that. If you have a dream of starting your own business, there has never been a better time to do so! Here are 7 steps that will help you make this a reality:

1) Do what you know. Pick something that you have a deep connection and knowledge of—not just the flavor of the moment.

2) Develop a sales mindset. Price should be based on value . . . you can get a bigger price tag. Your pricing is a reflection of your confidence in knowing that you can deliver the outcome. For most people, that pushes the number down. You need to figure out how to push it up.

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The Power of Visualization in the Workplace and Why We Need it More Than Ever

Available for Interviews:  Dr. Kelly Waltman

Kelly Waltman, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of SLR Leadership Consultion, LLC. She is also the author of Elevate Connection: Cutivate and Engaged, Inspired, Productive and Profitable Team Culture.

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on Visualization

    • While it’s common practice for athletes to visualize successful outcomes when preparing for competition, you might be wondering how you can use this practice to up your game in the workplace? Visualization is a powerful tool for stress reduction, and in our current climate, we could all use a little help with stress management!

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